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Crystals & Their Healing Properties

Different Crystals & Natural Stones give off certain energies that promote spiritual healing. Listed below are brief descriptions of those that can be found in some of my pieces.


Promotes intellectual clarity;

Helps you focus on your goals;

Magnifies intuition


"Stone of  Prosperity"

Brings in good luck;

Promotes tranquility in tense emotional environments;

Encourages mental clarity


Wards off negative energy;

Purifies surrounding energy;

Provides Strength, Courage & Protection

Blue Chalcedony

Harmonizes Mind, Body, & Spirit;

Repels Self- Doubt and Negativity;

Aids in speaking your truth


Brings out creativity & courage; 

Aids in security, safety, willpower & determination;

 Helps return passion to relationships & developing a healthy sense of self

Crystal Quartz

Good for protection, cleansing & purification;

Amplifies energy and thoughts;

 Balances body, mind & spirit 

Dragon's Vein Agate

Helps mental development;
Improves emotional expression

Fancy Jasper

"Stone of Tranquility";

Aids in concentration;

Soothes and calms emotions


Eases life transitions;

(Purple color) Helps protect from negative energies;

Helps to overcome trauma;

Aids to boost one's energy


Aids in Grounding;

Promotes energetic balance;

Absorbs negative energies;

Alleviates anxiety and stress;

Promotes calm energy.


Promotes calming energy;

Opens mind up to wisdom;

Increases motivation


Brings forth serenity, wisdom & balance;

Protection against negative vibes;

Amplifies creativity


Promotes clarity in transitioning stages;

Aids in communication;

Assists in memory recollection;

Promotes in loyalty

Lapis Lazuli

Brings out honesty and morality ;

Inspires self-expression and confidence;

Promotes all forms of communication

Lava Rock

Stabilizes and grounds Root Chakra;
Calms intense energy

Moss Agate

"Stone of Wealth'

Attracts abundance;

Attracts serenity and stability;

Promotes prosperity


Aids in grounding;

Provides spiritual protection;

Absorbs negative energies

Purple Phantom Quartz

Repels negative thoughts & emotions;

Promotes guidance & spiritual awareness


Fortifies positive energy;

Prevents negative energy from reverting;

Red Aveturine

Keeps you spiritually balanced & grounded; 

Assists in maintaining positivity in our sexualities, sensualities & desires

Red Jasper

Eases stress & Relieves Anxiety;

Promotes mental clarity;



"The Stone of Compassion"

 Aids in healing emotional wounds & promotes forgiveness;

 This is a great stone to sustain and strengthen love


Promotes mental clarity;

Brings in an honest evaluation into oneself;

Balances emotions;

Connects to your intuition 

Tiger's Eye

Assists attentiveness;

Encourages strength & Protection

Eliminates fear & Self doubt;

Promotes mental clarity


"Stone of Communication";

Improve mental state;

Aids communication with more wisdom, honesty, and articulation


Aids in the balance of emotions & spirituality;

Provides clarity in challenging environments;

Promotes the grounding of oneself

Yellow Agate

Assists in strengthening your confidence;

 Aids in achieving desires

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